How Wonderfully Strange

When I was a freshman in college, I first heard Simon and Garfunkel’s ground-breaking album Bookends. In addition to iconic songs like “America” and “Mrs. Robinson,” there was a lesser known track, “Old Friends” that contained the words: Can you imagine us years from today, Sharing a park bench quietly How terribly strange to be … Continue reading How Wonderfully Strange

Breaking the Log Jam at the Border

The images and sounds emerging from the southern border are gut wrenching and heart breaking. You don’t need to have kids of your own to empathize with these young families and to understand the trauma of separating children from their parents in a strange, chaotic land. Unanswered questions about the zero-tolerance process being enacted on … Continue reading Breaking the Log Jam at the Border

Michael Cohen, Identity and Sacrifice

I have been musing this week about the deepening legal jeopardy in which Michael Cohen finds himself as President Trump’s “fixer” and how the lawyer has steadfastly continued to express loyalty to the President. Despite growing evidence that such allegiance will cost him dearly, Cohen is quite public about his fealty to Mr. Trump. While … Continue reading Michael Cohen, Identity and Sacrifice