Rev. Chase’s interactive session on ‘Beyond the Comma’ was an uplifting call to arms for justice. His book arrives at a moment in history that finds us seeking to make sense of a changing world order giving rise to increasing intolerance and community compartmentalization.  Rev. Chase invited us to pause and reflect deeply with him, through his engaging technique of participatory dialogue, textual, theological, and personal reflections. Together we discussed big global issues – race, xenophobia, discrimination – and how we can overcome self-doubt and use our personal commitments and strengths to speak out and stand up for justice. For our audience of students studying the role of religion in world affairs, the session with Rev. Chase provided powerful evidence that “faith in action” brings distinctive solutions to global challenges, and one voice can build a chorus for change. The session offered timeless insights that are applicable across a wide range of disciplines and causes, while also being very conscious of this moment in history where gun violence and systemic racism are on the minds of young people seeking change. The audience left with practical tools and guidance and a welcome invitation to continue the conversation, as the title suggests, “beyond the comma”!