Find the Light

There are many takeaways from this week’s Democratic National Convention. First, the experiment worked. Producing such a complex virtual gathering is an immense undertaking as anyone who has organized a simple zoom meeting can attest. This week’s virtual conference included scores of “scenes,” some performed live and some pre-recorded. So plaudits to the organizers, stage … Continue reading Find the Light

Shaping the Future

This week has seen ongoing horror in the continuing spread of the coronavirus. Devastating outbreaks in nursing homes, meat packing plants and prisons haunt the airways. New models show dramatically higher estimates in expected deaths, up to 135,000 lives in the US alone—twice what was predicted just two weeks ago.  Tensions have risen as protesters … Continue reading Shaping the Future

Empathizer-in-Chief Is Still MIA

One of the most deeply frustrating—and inexplicable—aspects of the Covid-19 crisis has been the utter lack of empathy expressed by Donald Trump towards those stricken by the coronavirus. This week, we have passed the total number of US combat fatalities in the Vietnam War. It took two decades to accumulate those statistics; yet the coronavirus … Continue reading Empathizer-in-Chief Is Still MIA