Pakistan Loses a Hero; I Lost a Friend

This week I received the tragic news of the death of Professor Hassan Murad, founder and chair of Pakistan's esteemed University of Management and Technology (UMT), in a fatal car accident as he returned from a conference at the Khunjrab border with China, the highest international border crossing in the world, where the roads are … Continue reading Pakistan Loses a Hero; I Lost a Friend

Tribute to Dr. Hasan Murad by Junaid Ahmad

A Tribute to Dr. Hasan Murad By Junaid Ahmad Director, Center for Global Dialogue Lahore, Pakistan A visionary has returned to his Creator, and I feel orphaned for a second time. Dr. Hasan Murad was like a father figure for me after my father, Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad, one of Dr. Murad's dearest friends, passed away … Continue reading Tribute to Dr. Hasan Murad by Junaid Ahmad

President Trump, America’s Steward

While watching the funerals this past week for both Aretha Franklin and John McCain, my thoughts turned to an often-overlooked role for Donald Trump: the President as America’s Steward. Stewardship is a central concept in faith communities. I first came to understand its significance in the mid-80’s when, for three years in a row, I … Continue reading President Trump, America’s Steward

How Wonderfully Strange

When I was a freshman in college, I first heard Simon and Garfunkel’s ground-breaking album Bookends. In addition to iconic songs like “America” and “Mrs. Robinson,” there was a lesser known track, “Old Friends” that contained the words: Can you imagine us years from today, Sharing a park bench quietly How terribly strange to be … Continue reading How Wonderfully Strange