Christmas During Omicron

The scenes are reminiscent of days past—long lines waiting for Covid tests, overwhelmed hospitals, calendar dates altered or crossed-off. It is Christmas in the midst of Omicron and celebrations this year have a texture all their own. Plans with loved ones are in flux, sometimes quickly canceled or changed overnight with news about surges in … Continue reading Christmas During Omicron

Linking Justice with Joy

Last weekend, a tragic fire ravaged Middle Collegiate Church in New York City’s East Village. The fire began in a neighboring building, spread to Middle and raged through the sanctuary, decimating the magnificently crafted colonial interior as priceless Tiffany windows blew out from the pressure of the blaze. The Middle Church sanctuary was a unique … Continue reading Linking Justice with Joy

Find the Light

There are many takeaways from this week’s Democratic National Convention. First, the experiment worked. Producing such a complex virtual gathering is an immense undertaking as anyone who has organized a simple zoom meeting can attest. This week’s virtual conference included scores of “scenes,” some performed live and some pre-recorded. So plaudits to the organizers, stage … Continue reading Find the Light