The Invisible President

As Donald Trump continues his embarrassing, petulant refusal to concede to President-elect Joe Biden, some things have become painfully apparent, even to the casual political observer. The President, whose craving for attention is well documented, has become virtually invisible. His continued public posture that he won the election (as represented by the clownish defenders who … Continue reading The Invisible President

545 Children

The story is heart-stopping, seemingly beyond belief. Recent headlines have shifted to other pressing concerns—coronavirus, a staggering economy, racial injustice, election integrity—and away from the plight of children separated from their parents at our southern border. But like a low-grade fever that threatens long-term health, this continuing crisis festers, defying any sense of justice in … Continue reading 545 Children

This Is No Debate, Sir

In this space in early September in a post entitled “Will He Debate?” I asked the question as to whether readers thought Donald Trump would participate in the traditional quadrennial exercise we call the Presidential Debates. While virtually everyone responded that he would, a week later I offered a contrary opinion that he would not: … Continue reading This Is No Debate, Sir