“It Must Suck to be That Dumb”

There's no doubt that these are tense political times. The Impeachment Inquiry is about to begin holding public sessions. Depositions from private briefings are being released. Tuesday's elections proved difficult for Republicans in Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The situation in Syria continues to be uncertain and potentially explosive. The unending crisis at our southern border … Continue reading “It Must Suck to be That Dumb”

Hurtling Toward Impeachment

Actually, in keeping with Halloween, it’s all a bit scary. It’s no longer “if” but “when.” We are hurtling, in largely uncharted waters, toward impeachment. Democrats, who control the House of Representatives—where the process begins—must decide on a strategy, both in terms of politics and public relations. Because, while it is in the Senate that … Continue reading Hurtling Toward Impeachment

ISIS and the Innocents

The Trump White House has turned the world upside-down. One remarkable example of inverted logic and values was recently revealed in Donald Trump’s withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria. Apparently undertaken without consultation from either domestic advisers or foreign allies, this action leaves a vacuum in the region currently being carved up in a … Continue reading ISIS and the Innocents

Three Strands in a Single Braid

Once again, the news has been overwhelming. Convoluted and scurrilous headlines can be hard to track, and the impact on individuals difficult to measure, so we must stay tuned in if we are to understand how to navigate our future. Many topics compete for attention, but three rise to the surface with increasing intensity: the … Continue reading Three Strands in a Single Braid