Numbing Numbers

In perhaps the most remarkable feat ever accomplished in medicine, a public/private partnership built on the world’s most sophisticated research protocols, medical science and laboratory technology, has developed--in just eleven months--two vaccines with more than 90% efficacy that have begun to reach a global population decimated by the current coronavirus pandemic. It is just about … Continue reading Numbing Numbers

Linking Justice with Joy

Last weekend, a tragic fire ravaged Middle Collegiate Church in New York City’s East Village. The fire began in a neighboring building, spread to Middle and raged through the sanctuary, decimating the magnificently crafted colonial interior as priceless Tiffany windows blew out from the pressure of the blaze. The Middle Church sanctuary was a unique … Continue reading Linking Justice with Joy

Whose Inauguration?

What else will he try? Donald Trump’s never-ending campaign to keep his name in the news is working. Despite momentous coronavirus headlines (record-highs in case loads juxtaposed to positive results from vaccine trials), an assassination in Iran and President-elect Joe Biden’s naming individuals to fill key leadership posts in his upcoming administration, the President continues … Continue reading Whose Inauguration?