“It’s My Earth”

I have been sated by news reports and political punditry surrounding the latest in Trump administration shenanigans. Endless loops on public radio, cable news channels and network television focus repeatedly on charges and counter-charges in the run-up to impeachment of Donald Trump. The whistle blower incident was the proverbial final straw in the debate over … Continue reading “It’s My Earth”

Crisis in Kashmir

[The following words were spoken last week at the Indianapolis Pakistani Community Rally, by the Rev. Dr. Richard “Dick” Hamm, former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a frequent participant in the US-Pakistan Interreligious Coalition (UPIC). His words are used with permission. You can find background on this crisis … Continue reading Crisis in Kashmir

Hong Kong’s Future; America’s Silence

Here in the US, we have been distracted by the death of Jeffrey Epstein and other ongoing scandals swirling around people in positions of power. Half a world away, a drama is unfolding with the potential for truly epic implications. Protesters in Hong Kong, who fear their limited autonomy from China is being whittled away … Continue reading Hong Kong’s Future; America’s Silence