As I reflected on what I read I went back to review the liner notes. Mike McCurry’s hit home: about the book being a roadmap, a reminder about the moments (intersections) in life when stepping back we rediscover the past that defines the way forward. I had been pondering the image of a spiral when reading your book, envisioning your stories beginning at a starting point, and as the descriptive path moved forward, it swung back to remember a fate-filled memory that defined the originating ground, then curved back to the present where you brought it into context—to another intersection that promises to leap into a new adventure. It seems the strong point of your book is as a reference guide to possibilities for engagement that gain clarity when we take the moment to pause (embrace the comma). It seems to be a perfect book for group study in a church/interfaith setting, or a primer for individuals seeking clarity on their own life’s direction. It could be a great tool for confirmation classes or youth groups, moving past the typical churchy narratives that provide all the right answers, wrapped up in a nice neat package. I think the journey-story narrative is perfect.