Christmas and the Climate

We’re mired in impeachment. But it’s also Christmas. In keeping with the season, this post moves past the moment and is filled with hope for the future—as embodied in 16 year-old Greta Thunberg, named this week as Time magazine’s Person of the Year. For Christians, we are reminded of the enduring words of hope from … Continue reading Christmas and the Climate

Three Strands in a Single Braid

Once again, the news has been overwhelming. Convoluted and scurrilous headlines can be hard to track, and the impact on individuals difficult to measure, so we must stay tuned in if we are to understand how to navigate our future. Many topics compete for attention, but three rise to the surface with increasing intensity: the … Continue reading Three Strands in a Single Braid

Crisis in Kashmir

[The following words were spoken last week at the Indianapolis Pakistani Community Rally, by the Rev. Dr. Richard “Dick” Hamm, former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a frequent participant in the US-Pakistan Interreligious Coalition (UPIC). His words are used with permission. You can find background on this crisis … Continue reading Crisis in Kashmir

The Caravans Are Coming, The Caravans Are Coming!

In 1966, at the height of the Cold War, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, starring Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint and Brian Keith was released into theaters. The drop-dead funny plot line saw a Russian sub run aground on a sandbar off a New England island, popular with East Coast vacation goers. … Continue reading The Caravans Are Coming, The Caravans Are Coming!