Impeachment–Where Do You Stand?

I was taking a break from putting away Christmas decorations when I picked up David Leonhardt’s OpEd in the New York Times, "The People vs. Donald J. Trump." The columnist comprehensively lays out the case for beginning impeachment proceedings of the President now. The article is not a partisan rant or hysterical doomsday fantasy. Rather, … Continue reading Impeachment–Where Do You Stand?

“Kitchen Gardening” Update from Pakistan

During Christmas week, I wrote a post about Gifts that included a story I had heard while in Islamabad the week before Thanksgiving.  In response, I received a full account of the story by Zaheerudin Dar, a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Social Education and Development (CSED)--the organization that hosted me--and … Continue reading “Kitchen Gardening” Update from Pakistan