With the onslaught of news in recent weeks, it has been some time since I’ve touched on the US-Pakistan Interreligious Coalition (UPIC). However, things have been happening behind the scenes and it has been anything but quiet for this ground breaking, decade-long endeavor.

We are about to go public with news of a uniquely-positioned virtual conference, Just Future, to be held from July 15-17 from 9:00 a.m.—noon EDT (US) on all three days.

UPIC started a decade ago, when a small, grass-roots group of religious leaders, community organizers, scholars and students began meeting annually to deepen interpersonal relationships, shatter stereotypes, and create an action agenda to address critical issues of human rights and human need in our two countries and beyond.

Joined in partnership by Just Results, a dynamic social enterprise specializing in inclusive economic development, Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and Pakistan’s GIFT University, JUST FUTURE will address pressing issues in our two countries during this three-day event. Topics include gender justice; health care innovations; youth empowerment; interreligious cooperation, from policing to the pandemic; government digitization; integrity; transparency; cultural economics; and the arts as a vehicle for transformational change. Experts in a host of fields will offer presentations at the conference.

Save the dates! July 15-17, 9:00—noon EDT (US).

Over the next several days, look for a series of helpful emails to follow with registration information, detailed schedules and speaker profiles.

Join Us!

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