Ah, retirement! What does that mean, exactly? After almost half a century of work, I am experiencing this new chapter in my life’s journey. It has many wonderful dimensions—I wake up mornings to birdsong instead of sirens. A flock of wild turkeys keep us company, often grazing outside my window.

But alas, the national and global news continues to challenge us all (we haven’t cancelled the newspaper or disconnected the TV) and so I am reminded that the idyllic setting that now surrounds me is a very local phenomenon indeed.

Part of preparing for this new chapter in my life has been four years in the making: completion of my book, Beyond the Comma. I have secured a publisher—Pilgrim Press (the oldest publishing house in the US)—and will be officially launching its publication at a book signing on Sunday, July 2 at the United Church of Christ’s biennial General Synod in Baltimore (see the promotional flyer for more details here). If you would be interested in a presentation or workshop based on the book, please be in touch.

One of the transitional tasks since leaving Intersections has been devoted to changing my contact information and establishing a new way of being in touch with you. That process (often interrupted by electronic gremlins) is still underway, so I ask for your patience. Feel free to use the Contact page on this site to reach me.

Starting in July, I will resume regular blogs that I hope will provide fodder for continuing conversations. I look forward to resuming the conversations with so many of you that my past blogs have prompted.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out and venture forward with me in the unexpected ways that God’s unfolding history engages us all.

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