What a wonderful evening we had working with Robert Chase at the Soul Cafe in New Hampshire.  We shared the stage and passed the baton as we sang songs and he read from his new insightful book, Beyond the Comma.  The interactive energies he shared carried us as an audience into introspective thought that then led us into a collective hopeful action we could take with us out into the the world. The stories he shared from his experiences in Pakistan are truths I still carry with me every day – that the fierce love of a mother is powerful enough to change the broken heart of a son – even a son who is hell bent on the worst kind of destruction. The world is desperate for change, and the world is desperate for love.  Our evening with Bob reminded me that sitting across a table and drinking tea with those we may misunderstand or fear the most is the first step towards mutual understanding and peace.  We are thankful for his profound work and the sharing of his stories, and we encourage folks to read his book and to see him in person.